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Business Services




Assistant Superintendent of Business Services


To contact the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Office:
Verónica Monteilh, Executive Assistant II, or (760) 246-8691 x 10233


About Business Services

The Business Services Group at AESD is a well-trained and experienced team that oversees the facilities' planning, financial health, and operational efficiency at all school sites.  Business Services is responsible for the Child Nutrition Services, Fiscal Services, Maintenance & Operations, Risk Management, Benefits & Safety, and Technology Services Departments of the District.  All 15 of our school sites benefit from Business Services to help keep students safe, buildings maintained, and school processes operating on time.


The Adelanto Elementary School District Budget is a living document.

The Adopted Budget is first presented to the Board in June of each year, and must be adopted by the Board by June 30. The Budget is prepared using best estimates from (a) history, (b) the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Business Advisory Services Department, (c) and other sources we receive information from. For the past several years, the District Budget was adopted before the State Legislature approved a budget. K-14 Schools (including Community Colleges) make up almost half of the State Budget.

The First Interim Budget is adopted by the Board with actual data as of October 31 of each year. It includes any changes required by the adoption of the State Budget. It is approved by the Board by December 15 of each year. A key component of the Interim Reports is the Multi-Year Projection (MYP), which shows the budget for the current year and two subsequent years.

The Second Interim Budget is adopted by the Board with actual data as of January 31 of each year. It is approved by the Board by March 15 of each year.

The Estimated Actuals are found as part of the Adopted Budget. As the District is preparing the first estimate of the Budget for the upcoming year, the District is also preparing the final estimate of the current year. As noted above, this report is Adopted by June 30 of each year.


These are the budgets per year, estimates and actuals

Year Download Link
2023/24 Budget View/Download
2022/23 Budget View/Download
2021/22 Budget View/Download
2020/21 Budget View/Download
2019/20 Budget View/Download
2018/19 Budget View/Download
2017/18 Budget Part 1 View/Download
2017/18 Budget Part 2 View/Download
2016/17 Budget Part 1 View/Download
2016/17 Budget Part 2 View/Download
2015/16 Budget View/Download
2014/15 Budget View/Download
2013/14 Budget View/Download


Interim Reports

Local educational agencies (LEAs) are required to file two reports during a fiscal year (interim reports) on the status of the Local educational agencies financial health. The first interim report is due December 15 for the period ending October 31. The second interim report is due March 17 for the period ending January 31. The interim reports must include a certification of whether or not the Local educational agency is able to meet its financial obligations.


Year Download Link
2022/2023 Second Interim Report View/Download
2022/2023 First Interim Report View/Download
2021/2022 Second Interim Report View/Download
2021/2022 First Interim Report View/Download
2020/2021 Third Interim Report View/Download
2020/2021 Second Interim Report View/Download
2020/2021 First Interim Report View/Download
2019/2020 First Interim Report View/Download
2018/2019 Second Interim Report View/Download
2018/2019 First Interim Report View/Download
2017/2018 Second Interim Report View/Download
2017/2018 First Interim Report View/Download
2016/2017 Second Interim Report View/Download
2016/2017 First Interim Report View/Download
2015/2016 Second Interim Report Part 1  View/Download
2015/2016 Second Interim Report Part 2  View/Download
2015/2016 First Interim Report Part 1  View/Download
2015/2016 First Interim Report Part 2  View/Download
2014/2015 Second Interim Report View/Download
2014/2015 First Interim Report View/Download


Education Protection Account(EPA) Spending Plans

Revenues generated from Proposition 30 are deposited into a newly created state account called the Education Protection Account (EPA).

Year Download Link
2019/2020 View/Download
2018/2019 View/Download
2015/2016 View/Download
2014/2015 View/Download
2012/2013 View/Download


Audit Reports

Unaudited Actuals

After the close of business on June 30 of each year, the District begins reviewing the activity for the prior year and closes the books. Expenditures are analyzed to determine if they would be an appropriate categorical expenditure. Income that was documented to be received in the prior year is set up as an accounts receivable. Each expenditure that was documented to be due in the prior year is set up as an accounts payable. The District also reviews many other financial areas including but not limited to inventory, fixed assets, and debt. When all of this activity is completed, we have a report we call the Unaudited Actuals, which must be approved by the Board and submitted to the County Superintendent of Schools by September 15. As with the budget reports, this is in the State mandated report format. This report is reviewed by the Auditors as the perform their annual review. They then submit an Audit Report, which summarizes information contained in the Unaudited Actual. The Audit Report is submitted to the State and County Superintendent of Schools by December 15.

Year Download Link
2022/2023 Unaudited Actuals (Revised) View/Download
2022/2023 Unaudited Actuals View/Download
2021/2022 Unaudited Actuals View/Download
2020/2021 Unaudited Actuals View/Download
2019/2020 Unaudited Actuals View/Download
2018/2019 Unaudited Actuals View/Download
2017/2018 Unaudited Actuals  View/Download
2016/2017 Unaudited Actuals View/Download
2015/2016 Unaudited Actuals View/Download
2014/2015 Unaudited Actuals Part 1  View/Download
2014/2015 Unaudited Actuals Part 2 


American Rescue Plan Act

Year   Download Link
June 2021 - Elementary and Secondary School Relief Fund (ESSER III) LEA Plan   View/Download